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Stephanie Sente, assistant

Stephanie Sente

  • Born in 1991.
  • Attended the school for dental technicians in Rijeka

Short biography

Ever since I was little I loved to make models and create with my hands, so I chose and graduated from the school for dental technicians. Working in this business I have often visited dental offices and, after observing the dental assistant job, I loved it because of the dynamics and contact with patients. I was lucky enough to become an assistant, a vocation that is closely related to the dental profession.

My wish is to improve in that profession, and in particular I am interested in periodontics. It is my great desire to enrol in the school for dental hygienists. In any case, I see my future exactly in my profession. I love communication, working with people, socializing with friends and colleagues. Travelling is my dream, and my family is my pillar of success in the present and the future. I play many sports, and I love nature.

I love true beauty, when a patient smiles satisfied at the end of our work, I feel content and happy, and I always try to make life better for myself and everyone around me.


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