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A large number of patients from Italy and other countries come to us because of the major differences in prices, while the quality of work, materials and services is at an enviable level.

In our office, we use only high-quality materials, globally standardized and certified and in no way different from the materials used by our colleagues in Germany, Italy and other countries. The only difference between our service and the service of top dentists across Europe is solely in prices. Compared to the prices in Italy, you can save up to 60%.

On our web site you can see the types of composites, ceramics, and synthetic materials that we use, as well as Ankylos implants from the renowned manufacturer DENTSPLY – a German product that is among the top 5 in the world.



Initial Consultation / first check up


Provisional crown

30,00 €
(226,04 kn)

Digital Orthopantomography

30,00 €
(226,04 kn)

Dental scaling

40,00 €
(301,38 kn)

Composite filling

50,00– 80,00 €
(376,73 – 602,76 kn)

Teeth blasting – included in dental scaling price

50,00 €
(376,73 kn)

Dental extraction

50,00-80,00 €
(376,73 – 602,76 kn)

Implant (Ankylos Dentsply – among the top 5 in the world)

550,00 €
(4.143,98 kn)

Standard implant upgrade

250,00 €
(1.883,63 kn)

Zirconia abutments for implants

300,00 €
(2.260,35 kn)

Ceramic crown

300,00 €
(2.260,35 kn)

Zirconia ceramic crown

390,00 €
(2.938,46 kn)

A more detailed explanation of the prices with information on the costs will be presented to you after the examination, which is free. During the initial examination, we create a digital panoramic image of high precision in our office, which allows us to see the state of your teeth and bones. After assessing the initial situation, we can make a diagnosis and a work plan with proper cost estimates.

>> Find out the required number of arrivals per service

If you are able, you can send us an orthopantomograph image (orthopan) before the first visit, so that we can assess the status of your teeth and create a more precise plan.

For questions about the proforma invoice with a work plan or for other information, please contact us by phone 052 757 900 or by email at

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