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Hrvoje Galić,

Hrvoje Galić, dr. med. dent.

  • Born 23/09/1981 Osijek, Croatia
  • Doctor of Dentistry 2001-2007 – Faculty of Medicine in Rijeka, Dental Departmen
  • Area of interest: Cosmetic dentistry

Short biography

Medicine has always intrigued me. Maybe it’s a family thing, but when I had to choose a field of medicine to specialize in, there was no dilemma – it was dentistry.

It’s nice to see a healthy and beautiful smile, so I enrolled in college and became a dentist. I love everything in this profession, I’m particularly impressed by the aesthetic part – when virtually a new tooth is created from an almost non-existent tooth by using aesthetic materials. Increasingly I specialize in surgery, implants, as well as endodontics and prosthetics. I believe a dentist should be complete in everything, so I try to improve in every aspect. I love company, and music is a big part of my life. In addition, I’m interested in computer science, and I love travelling.

What else to say, I try to give my best at work and in life, so for me, the smile returned to the face of the patient after long hours of work provides the best reward and satisfaction.

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