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Other services

In Krešimir Dadić dental office, you can ask for other services such as tooth jewellery placement, ozone therapy or splint placement.

Teeth whitening – at the office and at home
Teeth whitening is an aesthetic treatment that whitens the natural tooth colour by several shades. Over the years, the whiteness of the teeth can be compromised by tea, coffee, tobacco or red wine. In this case, teeth whitening can restore the natural whiteness of the teeth in a short time. However, in the case of darkened fillings, bridges or dentures, whitening is possible by replacing the prosthetic device.

Whitening treatment at the office is carried out by a dentist with a hydrogen- or carbamide-peroxide solution on the decomposed tooth, and the oxygen whitens the tooth. The procedure can be combined with additional teeth whitening at home. Once the teeth are whitened, at first it is recommended that patients avoid food and drinks that pigment the teeth, such as tea, coffee, red wine or tobacco.

Tooth jewellery
Zirconium ornaments or real diamonds of various colours are applied to the etched (lightly roughened) part of the tooth, coated with a bonding agent (sealant) which is light-cured.

Ozone therapy
Ozone therapy enhances wound healing, reduces the number of bacteria, improves healing of ulcers or herpes.

Splints are acrylic removable appliances that cover the surfaces of upper or lower teeth. They are used for pain in the temporomandibular joint or masticatory muscles, in temporomandibular joint clicking, in teeth grinding (bruxism).

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