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Krešimir Dadić, dr. med. dent.

Krešimir Dadić, dr. med. dent.

• Born in 1968, Split, Croatia

• After finishing high school for dental technicians in Zagreb, he enrolled in and graduated from the School of Dental Medicine, University of Zagreb in 1995

• He opened a private dental office in 1998 in Novigrad in Istria

• His particular area of interest is implantology and major oral surgical-prosthetic rehabilitation

Short biography

I’ve always been interested in biology complemented by physics and chemistry. I was fascinated by their connection in human beings. That was the reason why I enrolled in the high school for dental technicians, after which my interest in medicine only grew. I graduated from the School of Dental Medicine in Zagreb where I spent the best years of my life.

I’ve been successful in work as a dental technician and dentist, and I do not regret the time spent in the office because that and successive training in various courses in the country and abroad allowed me to gain great experience, knowledge and confidence in the work I do. In 1998 I founded my own dental office, where I continued to improve in all areas of dentistry to the extent that today we perform periodontal, conservation, prosthetic, implantological and surgical procedures completely and easily. The best results are seen in the finished work and the smiles of our long term patients. Enthusiasm and energy follow me every step along with the latest developments in dentistry.

I live for my job and I give maximum effort to stay on track with the same optimism and satisfaction. The most important for me is my beautiful family with whom I love to travel and explore new countries, traditions and customs. I love sports, music and hanging out with friends. I also believe that my team and I are one big family where working for a smile which we return to our patients has always been my only goal.

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