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Implant insertion procedure

The success of the treatment depends on the quality and quantity of the bone, but also on the regular oral hygiene, regular dental visits and professional tooth cleaning.

Before implant surgery, a patient will have a detailed consultations with our doctor. Where and how implants are placed requires a digital ortophan done, detailed assessment of patients mouth and jaw state.

Implants cannot be inserted if there is not enough bone volume to support them. In order to proceed with dental implantology in the upper jaw, a sinus floor augmentation procedureor a sinus lift needs to be performed. The treatment consists of raising the sinus membrane in order to insert the granules of the artificial bone.

Embedding of implants has to be done under local anesthesia and the method is completely painless. The osseointegration process depends on several factors and can last from 3 to 4 months. When the implant is osseointegrated, a superstructure is placed and we take the impression of the toothe bite to prepare dental bridges, crowns or dentures.

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