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Cosmetic dentistry

The goal of cosmetic dentistry is to provide a patient with the satisfaction with their appearance, but most of all with a smile.

Dental therapy in cosmetic dentistry consists of dental reconstruction and the return of the beauty and the natural look of your smile. Modern cosmetic dentistry in our office is a mixture of advanced technology, art and experience that guarantees amazing results in a short period of time.

Thanks to that, the expert team of doctors at the Dadić dental office can fulfill everyone’s desire for beautiful teeth which rejuvenate the smile and the face, changing the colour, shape and position of teeth by specific methods.

In the Dadić dental office, the following cosmetic dentistry services are available:

  1. Teeth whitening
  2. Ceramic veneers
  3. Ceramic crowns
  4. Fixing the gap between the teeth (diastema)
  5. White composite filling


Types of intervention:


In our dental office, we use the KAVO GENTLE RAY 980 laser, the latest generation laser applicable in various fields, such as in surgical operations, treatment, periodontitis, and endodontics. It has been proven extremely effective for tooth whitening because it is harmless, easy to use, and guarantees lasting results.

Teeth whitening is also possible by using a variety of whitening products available at the office:

  1. scaling and whitening with a toothpaste
  2. tooth polishing with a prophylactic paste
  3. removing subgingival and supragingival calculus and interdental polishing
  4. gingival treatment (as the basis for healthy and aesthetically beautiful teeth)

Ceramic veneers

Cosmetic veneers give patients a reason to smile since they are applied to the outer surface of the front teeth (teeth that are visible) in order to improve the appearance, colour and shape. Cosmetic veneers are thin ceramic veneers that modify the aesthetic appearance of teeth. Cosmetic veneers are recommended in cases of extremely worn teeth, excessive space between teeth, pigmentation that cannot be fixed by whitening, or in cases of large fluctuations in the colour of teeth.

Therefore, ceramic veneers represent an optimal aesthetic solution.

White composite filling

White composite fillings are made of glass particles, synthetic resin and binding material. In the Dadić dental office we use non-bonding teeth fillings made of high quality materials. These materials produce excellent results when it comes to aesthetics and function, and require minimal grinding of the hard tissue of the tooth. The composite is an excellent material that chemically binds to the tooth by means of an adhesive (the so-called bond). In everyday use, these kinds of fillings have completely replaced amalgam fillings, and due to the invisible filling, aesthetic perfection and compatibility, they represent the perfect solution.

New materials used for fillings offer a wide range of colours that perfectly emulate the colour of natural teeth.

Ceramic crowns

Ceramic crowns are capsules that cover one or more teeth with the intention of reinforcing and improving function, statics and aesthetics. The final result is very satisfactory because aesthetic properties are almost identical to the natural tooth.

A composing element of crowns is a metal base (metal alloy) completely covered with ceramics. In the Dadić dental office, we also do crowns that are entirely made ​​of ceramics without the metal base. In implantology we use ceramics from zirconium oxide, which, thanks to its high resistance, allows the construction of not only crowns, but also bridges without the metal base.

As a final result the patient will have a natural look with a normal function and stable bite, high aesthetics combined with excellent bio-compatibility, and low thermal conductivity (no sensitivity to hot or cold).

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