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Oral surgery

Oral surgery is a specialized branch of dentistry that deals with surgical procedures in the area of the mouth, teeth and jaw..

Surgical procedures that are commonly performed in the Dadić dentist office:

1. Implantology
2. Apicotomy
3. Alveotomy or the removal of impacted teeth
4. Surgical removal of wisdom teeth

Implantology is the branch of surgery that deals with the placement of implants into the bone through small surgical operations. Implants are specifically designed high-technology titanium screws that replace the natural tooth root.

Apicotomy is a surgical procedure for removing the tip of the tooth root with periapical inflammation, trying to preserve the tooth in the jaw. Apicotomy is a simple surgical procedure that we use to solve chronic odontogenic inflammations, which occur after improper endodontic treatment.

Alveotomy is most commonly performed when a tooth cannot sprout in its normal functional position. The reason for impaction is a mechanical obstacle to sprouting. This usually concerns wisdom teeth, and it is better to take care of them at a younger age to avoid complications later in life. Impacted teeth can be responsible for a large number of symptoms associated with neuralgic pains in the head area. Such symptoms often arise due to the pressure of the impacted tooth on the nerve endings.

Surgical removal of wisdom teeth, except in impacted teeth, is indicated in frequent pericoronitis, abscesses, pulpal and periapical pathologies, caries, periodontal diseases, cystic and tumorous changes and resorption of the second molar caused by the wisdom tooth.

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