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Monika Kindler,

Monika Kindler, dr. med. dent.

  • Born in 1984, Koper, Slovenia
  • After finishing high school for dental technicians in Rijeka, she enrolled in and graduated from the School of Dental Medicine, University of Zagreb in 2012

Short biography

From an early age I was fascinated by teeth. That’s why I first enrolled in the school for dental technicians, and then I realized that teeth would definitely be the focus in my life. So I enrolled in the school of dentistry and became a dentist. In addition to learning and advancing in this job which I love, I also love to play sports, and enjoy the company of friends and of course my family. I love travelling because it allows me to encounter different cultures and novelties and innovations in any sector of medicine and computer science, aesthetics and cuisine.

What else to say? I love my job because I treat people, and at the end when I see that I contributed to the fact that a beautiful smile has returned to the face of my patient, that’s my greatest reward.


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