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Our equipment

The Dadić dental office presents a mixture of the best equipment and cutting-edge technology that guarantees high quality with maximum efficiency and comfort to all our patients, regardless of the complexity of the treatment.

In our dental office in Novigrad, we use instruments and equipment of high quality, with advanced digital technology, which allows a faster and more efficient approach, ensuring minimal invasiveness during treatment. Orthopantomograph® OP200, the latest generation device for creating panoramic images of teeth from the renowned manufacturer of dental equipment, Instrumentarium Dental, allows us complete and accurate radiography with minimum radiation exposure.

In our office, for treating patients we use the KaVo dental chairs, models KaVo Estetica 1060 and KaVo Primus 1058, that provide maximum comfort to patients, with advanced equipment that allows maximum precision even in the most demanding dental treatments

For single tooth radiography we use Kodak and Trophy X-ray machines, which allow quick and precise monitoring of the progress of treatment as well as superior and fast diagnostics. Instead of a conventional X-ray film, we use the Kodak RVG sensor and the machine with a portable Soredex DIGORA sensor, which enable digital radiography and direct transfer from the device to the computer screen, giving us an instant view of the teeth.

For the treatment of various inflammations and ulcers we use Ultradent bioozon machine which, with a combination of high frequencies and with high voltage, creates an electric field that results in the disintegration of oxygen molecules and forms ozone, which is antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, antiparasitic and antiviral.

We particularly must point out the excellent KaVo GentleRay laser, which is used in a minimally invasive manner as the optimal laser for surgical procedures, for teeth whitening and as a bactericidal element in the areas affected by infection.


In implantology and in the various surgically complex procedures, in transplantation of bone tissue or sinus lift procedure, we use KaVo INTRAsurg 300+ machines, which, in addition to the system of internal cooling with saline solution, enable direct cooling of the bone during surgery, thus ensuring maximum attention to the treated tissue. With its diverse range of programs and the possibility of power regulation, KaVo INTRAsurg 300+ provides maximum precision and safety during surgery and guarantees optimum success of the performed work.

For better prevention and accuracy in diagnosing dental caries, we use KaVo DIAGNOdent, an extremely accurate electric caries detector that allows us to identify caries in the initial stage, because sometimes the caries cannot be seen by other diagnostic methods while it is still very small.

For white “fillings” we use Bluephase polymerization lights by Ivoclar Vivadent, which guarantee maximum curing and durability of the filling at the stage of curing composites (materials for white fillings) on the teeth.

In endodontics, i.e. the treatment of canals, we use Maillefer and Morita devices and NiTi files, made ​​of an alloy of nickel and titanium, characterized by their flexibility, which enable quick and accurate preparation and filling of the root canal, removing even the smallest layer of impurity. Such technology guarantees precise and hermetic sealing of the root canal.

When reconstructing teeth due to caries, or when making crowns and bridges, we use SpectroShade, an electronic colour detector that takes pictures using a digital camera and immediately reveals the colour of the tooth, which is then transferred to the system through the chromatic scale for further processing by dentists and dental technicians. This ensures maximum accuracy in choosing the tooth colour, which means that crowns, bridges and fillings will aesthetically match the colour of natural teeth.

Sterilization is considered as one of the most important things in our work. This is supported by the fact that in our office we use only the best machines to ensure maximum protection for our patients and ourselves. We use SK07 B Class FARO Autoclave and S Class FARO Autoclave, in accordance with the European standard 13060-1-2, which meet the highest European standards and criteria regarding sterilization. Each sterilization cycle is adequately tested by using indicators for sterilization, also present in sterilization pouches which keep instruments sterile until the moment of use.

All our equipment complies with the ISO 9001 normative regulations and with other CE certificates.

For better mechanical cleaning we use the Euronda ultrasonic bath, a machine for mechanical cleaning of instruments which, thanks to the ultrasound vibrations, removes even the smallest residues from instruments, which are already adequately treated with chemical disinfectants at that stage prior to sterilization in the FARO Autoclave device.

All surfaces and worktops are treated with Durr disinfectants, the best disinfectants in the global market.

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