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About us

Krešimir Dadić, dr. med. dent. dental office is located in Novigrad in Istria.  

In addition to the pleasant environment, our team of four doctors and four assistants will provide you with a relaxed and cheerful atmosphere along with all the achievements of modern dentistry. We provide superior quality of dental work to each patient with the minimum number of visits and without unnecessary loss of time.

Hundreds of satisfied customers who return year after year are proof of our commitment to work where nothing is left to chance, and the reliability and quality are our guiding principle. Most of our work is in the field of implantology, prosthetics and laser treatments.

In our office, we use Ankylos implants from the renowned German company DENTSPLY Friadent, a world-renowned manufacturer of dental materials and equipment.  Krešimir Dadić, dr. med. dent. dental office boasts twenty years of working experience in Croatia.

We grow and develop by following universal trends, we specialize in all fields of dentistry:

Conservation – the restoration of teeth affected by caries by using a variety of aesthetic high-quality materials.

Implantology – it represents a particular area of ​​interest in our office, as indicated by the certificate of the renowned manufacturer of Ankylos implants.

Endodontics –  high-quality canal treatment with advanced equipment and technology that allows us greater precision and speed.

Maxillofacial and implant surgery – implant placement, bone repair, sinus lift, removal of wisdom teeth, cosmetic surgery.

Orthodontics – by using orthodontic appliances, resolutions of different aesthetic anomalies and bites, systematization of periodontal teeth in adults for better prosthetics resolution.

Prosthetics – various types, in implants, removable, fixed, CAD-CAM technology, ceramic crowns or zirconium crowns, ceramic veneers or composite veneers.

Cosmetic dentistry – teeth whitening with a laser or other techniques.

Periodontology – the resolution of various gingival or bone problems by professional cleaning, scaling, minor surgical operations for aesthetics or treatment.

Prophylaxis – in our office we stick to the old proverb: “Better safe than sorry”, and we strive to educate our patients about the importance of proper oral hygiene in order to maintain a healthy mouth.

Paedodontics – the treatment of dental caries in primary teeth, teaching children about proper oral hygiene, monitoring the development of the jaw over the years for an orthodontics resolution.

Radiology – we use state-of-the-art digital radiographic equipment that ensures minimal exposure for patients and allows us to make an accurate and early diagnosis, guaranteeing optimal treatment.

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