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Preventive dentistry

The main objective of prevention in dentistry is not just removing the hard plaque (tartar), but also the prevention of diseases of teeth and mouth.

Even the “little” patients should be reminded already at a young age of the importance of prevention, instructions on the manner and intensity of brushing their teeth (2-3 times a day).  The importance of regular visits to the dentist (at least 2 times a year) should also be emphasized.

In children aged 5-6 years, when the first permanent teeth start to sprout, the fluoridation of teeth is very important, as well as the sealing of fissures on molars (the process of closing deep fissures in the teeth to enhance their resistance to caries). It is important to do fissure sealing immediately after sprouting in order to reduce the possibility of caries formation to a minimum. The procedure itself takes about fifteen minutes, and the material used to seal the fissures releases fluorine in small amounts to prevent the formation of cavities.

Glass-ionomer cements represent a new generation of materials, which, along with releasing fluorine, are characterized by a minor impact of the handling technique on the properties of bound materials. This is very important in children’s dentistry, where a restless tongue and an excessive salivary flow provide fertile ground for the creation of circular caries.

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