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Endodontics is a part of dentistry that includes root canal treatment, nerve extraction or, in extreme cases, tooth root extraction.

When the caries is too deep and reaches the tooth nerve, it is necessary to perform endodontic treatment of the tooth. Tooth treatment is performed during the same visit by using a new generation of instruments mostly made of nickel-titanium that allow fast and standardized cleaning of canals and disinfection as well as hermetic gutta-percha sealing corresponding to the instruments for preparation. Thanks to this technology, the procedure is fast and enables us to treat patients at a high level, in this way we will continue to minimize the possibility of any infection at the top of the tooth root.

The examination of the treated canal is done via digital radiography and electronic instruments which provide us with maximum precision.

We have also introduced the sterilization of the canal by laser or ozone, especially in the case of major infections or granulomas in order to fully guarantee the success of treatment.

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