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Dental implants placement


Is the insertion of an implant painful?

Thanks to the use of local anesthesia, the procedure is virtually painless.

Is a general anesthetic required for implant placement?

No, the sensitivity to pain in the jaw can be completely shut down with a local anesthetic. You will feel some vibration and a feeling of pressure when the implant site is prepared in the bone but you will not feel any pain. However, if you would rather “sleep” through the operation, ask your implantologist about a general anesthetic.

Will I feel pain after the operation?

The gum will probably still be sensitive in the first few days after the operation. Your cheek may swell up temporarily and feel uncomfortable. However, most patients won’t even need a painkiller after the first day and can return to a normal life.

What exactly does immediate loading mean?

The normal procedure after placement of an implant is an unloaded healing phase. During this period a standard temporary denture covers the gap. However, if the dentist finds that your bone situation meets the requirements, immediate loading of the implants is also possible. This means that a very high-quality temporary denture or a prosthesis is attached immediately to freshly placed implants and you receive your implants and fixed teeth on the same day. Ask your implantologist about this option.

What complications can occur after surgery?

In extremely rare cases, the nerve in the lower jaw is injured, mainly resulting in temporary paresthesia (sensation disorders). If there should be a “push off” of the implant used, then the implant is removed and after 3-4 months, a new at this point.

Must I expect pain when the anesthetic wears off?

You may experience pain depending on how many implants you have received. However, it can normally be controlled with a normal pain reliever. It is best to sleep with your head slightly elevated for the first night to prevent blood from accumulating in your head.

Is the wound very sensitive?

The sensitivity will decrease from day to day. To prevent irritation or inflammation avoid touching the wound with your tongue or your fingers.

Is the implant placement an outpatient procedure?

Yes, the implantologist carries out the treatment atraumatically in an outpatient procedure under local anesthetic. Multiple implants can be placed in one session without problems.

Can an implant-borne denture be renewed or extended?

Can an implant-borne denture be renewed or extended I already have a standard full denture.

Will I need a new one for attachment to the implants?

If the existing denture can guarantee optimum loading of the implants and a good chewing function, it can be adjusted for attachment to your implants. Ask your dentist about this.

What happens if one of my natural teeth that was integrated into the denture as an abutment has to be removed?

If a tooth has to be removed, for example as a result of a root infection, it can usually be replaced by an additional implant without difficulty. The support and if necessary the denture will then be adjusted appropriately.

When and how are the teeth placed on the implant?

In a normal healing process implants in the upper jaw are generally fully integrated into the jawbone after about six months. This takes about three months for implants in the lower jaw. Now your new crowns can be attached to the implants. First, the tops of the implants are uncovered and then small temporary caps are screwed to the implants to shape the gums correctly. Then an impression is taken to be used as a template by the dental technician to fabricate your denture. The denture is attached securely to the implants after accurate color matching and test-fitting.

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