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Only 50km from Trieste!

Why choose us?

1.       Quality of service

More than 15 years of experience in general dentistry and 10 years in implantology, as well as constant training of employees at home and abroad, guarantee superior service.

2.       Quality of materials and equipment

In order to provide the best dental service, we place great importance on the selection of the highest quality equipment and materials. Ankylos implants that we use are at the top of the global implants manufacturers. We perform radiological diagnostics by using a modern machine with a negligible dose of radiation, which allows us an immediate view of orthopantomographs.

3.       Speed and efficiency of service

Our office is equipped with all the necessary therapeutic and diagnostic instruments and devices that enable simple and rapid diagnosis and ultimately fast, pleasant and high quality therapeutic results:

–     Painless procedures

–     High-quality work

–     High aesthetic standards

–     Fast treatments

4.       Warranty for the work performed

Implants osseointegrated in bones offer a permanent solution for the loss of natural teeth. With regular checkups and top quality hygiene we guarantee a lifetime warranty.

5.       Proximity of Italy, Slovenia, Germany and Austria

Good traffic connections of the northern coast of Istria by land and sea routes allow patients from neighbouring countries a quick and enjoyable visit. Distance between Milan and Novigrad is 450 km and Trieste is only 50 km from Novigrad.

6.        Family atmosphere

We love what we do and as a team we strive to bring a smile to the face of every patient who visits our office.

7.        Reliability

Our main concern is to provide superior dental care for every patient. Experience, expertise and modern equipment guarantee you safety and reliability.

8.       Transport

If transportation poses a problem, feel free to contact our staff. We will gladly arrange transportation for you.

9.       Flexible payment methods

In our office, payment is done in advance, balanced at the end of work. You can pay by cash, on the account, by credit cards or as agreed.

10.   Hundreds of patients come back

A reflection of our work are satisfied patients, who are our best recommendation.

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